Avian Rescue Corporation | avianrescuecorp.org

How You Can Help

Sponsor a bird. Bird sponsorship can provide you with a way to be a part of providing a safe and happy environment for a specific abandoned bird that you get to select or can be chosen for you.

Make a donation for the general care and upkeep of ARC, which can help save a life, its really that simple. You can donate money, cages, toys, special equipment for handicapped birds. Rust is unacceptable for rescue work; please do not request to donate any rusty items.

Become a Foster Parent for an abandoned bird. Being a Foster Parent is not for everyone, you need to understand the bird, its attitude and its care and upkeep, all the while knowing that eventually an adoption, or court order, may occur which could remove the bird from your home.

If you interested in becoming a foster parent, please print, fill out and mail the Foster Home Caregivers form.

Volunteer at one of our facilities. Learn about bird care and how to recognize a birds attitude change. Lots of cages to clean, birds to interact with, and occasional help with medical care.