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Escaped Bird - Now What?

Start searching as soon as you realize your bird is lost. A scared bird can travel several blocks before calming down and looking for a roost and an immediate search is your best bet to locate your pet.  Most birds are terrified upon escape and go to the most immediate tall tree and hide there for a couple of days, so look closely.  A terrified bird may not recognize your voice, but call their name loudly anyway, your voice may help calm them down and allow them to respond to you.

  • Place his/her cage outside in plain sight, with the cage loaded with his/her favorite treats and fresh water. Leave the cage door open.
  • Talk to your neighbors, let them know you are missing your bird.

Walk around the neighborhood. Call his/her name, whistle his/her call, talk as you would whenever he/she is around. The sound of your voice or whistle can attract your lost bird. Offer a reward (the amount is incidential for the safe return of your lost bird.

  • Hang up fliers around your home with a detailed description and picture of your bird.  Don't forget to deliver one to each home within several blocks of your home.
  • Visit and talk to local pet shop and feed store employees, put a flyer on their lost and found board.
  • Place a lost ad in your local newspaper(s), some newspapers allow people to place ads about lost or found animals for free.  Look for a found ad listing your missing bird.
  • Send a flier to local Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals.
  • Place an classified ad on your local craigslist, however remember that the craigslist mailbox will be automatically closed after 7 days and therefore you must include some other method of contact (telephone number or a non-craigslist email address) so Lost & Found Lists at other sites remain good.
  • Call your local animal shelter and list your bird as missing and send them a flyer.  Go to the animal shelter daily, or at least call to see if your bird or one similar has been captured or surrendered.
  • List your bird as missing at lost and found bird Web sites.  Sites try and share information, but it does not always work.  Some suggestions:

Please call (925) 686-2350 if you have any information, or happen to be looking for the owner of a bird that may have adopted you.

Cockatiels may travel hundreds of miles from their home over several weeks/months as they start foraging for food and safety in a flock. NEVER give up hope. Some birds have been recovered months, even years, after their loss, hundreds of miles from their homes. Not a common occurence, but it does happen. Keep looking, keep your faith and miracles do happen.

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